Nashville, TN Catholic Schoolhouse

About our Chapter

We are a small group of Catholic homeschoolers meeting just twelve Friday mornings in the Fall and twelve in the Spring.  We are based at Assumption Church in historic Germantown, in the heart of Nashville.  We intend to offer enrichment in the areas of music, art and science for the younger set, while we hope to also offer writing for the slightly older children.  We hope to build a community of parents who can support and encourage each other, sharing resources and wisdom for this very important aspect of parenting.  We see this as a ministry to the families we serve and hope this chapter of Catholic Schoolhouse will be a blessing to many!

We are not a co-op in the classic sense, as we are not a drop off program, we are not free, and we do not require parents to teach.  We do, however, require parents to stay for the duration of our program each time we meet.